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Hi, I requested top 5 positions for 10 keywords in Google, Yahoo and MSN. This was a niche business but they achieved top 5 with many number 1 and 2 positions. Great result, thanks.

Gareth, UK


Roboport, UK

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Using the Creating Structure To Keep Working Across the Flat Part of the Curve

That’s where creating comes in. It’s structure is driven by vision, grounded in reality and generates three powerful sources of energy for action, learning and crafting results.

By holding a vision of my desired result in mind with the current state of that result, I set up a second source of energy to complement the motivational energy generated by a clear, compelling vision.

Holding a vision of the completed proposal/book in mind at the same time as I embrace the reality of their current state generates creative tension. Embedded within that tension, I’l find the energy to keep slogging across the curve

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